Optical and digital microscopy Leica M250C stereomicroscope, integrated with a Leica DFC290 digital camera for image capture.
Leica DMRE optical microscope in VIS-light, integrated with a Leica DFC290 digital camera for image capture.
Dino-Lite Premiere AM7013MT portable digital microscope, 30x - 200x variable magnification, 5M pixels resolution, CMOS Colour sensor, white LED lights.
Electronic microscopy Environmental scanning electron microscope Zeiss EVO 50 EP (extended pressure), equipped with a Oxford INCA 200 - Pentafet LZ4 spectrometer.
Transmission Electron Microscope - TEM, Philips CM200-FEG.
Spectrophotometry Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR spectrometer with a DTGS detector in the spectral range 4000-400 cm-1, coupled with a Thermo Nicolet Continμm FTIR microscope with a MCT detector in the spectral range 4000-600 cm-1; NIR integrating sphere for measurement in the spectral range 10000-4000 cm-1. Accessory: micro-ATR with Ge crystal; diamond compression cell.
Konica Minolta CM600D spectrophotometer, with pulsed xenon lamp (with UV cut filter), SCI/SCE measurement mode, 400-700 nm wavelength range.
X-ray diffraction Philips PW1830 X-ray diffractometer using Cu Kα radiation (λ = 1,54058 Ǻ), PW3020 generator and Bragg-Brentano geometry.
Electrochemical equipment Potentiostat/Galvanostat, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), pH-meters, thermostatic-criostatic units.
KEITHLEY 3706, 40-channels multimeter
Surface roughness measurements Hommelwerke T2000 profilometer-rugosimeter for measuremeter of micrometric surfaces roughness
Test in controlled environment Climatic chamber for controlled T and RH environment. Peltier system coupled to a Microclimate Control System MCG series, RH range 5-65%, internal volume 500x450x700 mm
Claind, N2 Micro Vac nitrogen generator, 97.5% Nitrogen purity with max flux 4 NL/min
DRMS Drilling Resistance Measurement System (DRMS) by SINT Technology, equipped with a calibrated 100 N load cell, diamond drill bits dia = 3 and 5 mm. Tuneable rotation speed and penetration rate.